sábado, 21 de março de 2009

The cool people came to Lodz! In the first night magic was spread!

The cool people came to Lodz! And what an amazing time it was! Magic... magic all over! :) Take a look at the pictures!

First let me introduce you the cool people. :)

oooo000000000ooooooJoão Nogueira,oooooooooooooooooooooooZé,ooooooooo000ooooooooooo00ooVetras!

The whole group!

They arrived hungry... but something was expecting them. :)

With full stomach they started to get curious.

And of course, night was waiting for us.

Not much is needed to say. Party time. Fun time! :)

Vetras: "That's how long it looks from the moon!"

Somebody was tired after so many things. :)

Soon i'll put the pictures of the second day. :)

Bye bye

2 comentários:

Rómulo Antão disse...

nogueira e zé benzas em alto rendimento!! Grande pijama!

Nuno Gonçalves disse...

O pijama... o pijama... vai dar que falar! eheh