segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Todos os caminhhos vão dar a Roma - All paths lead to Rome! - Città più bella

Finally we went to Rome! It was waiting for us! And how amazing it was! Check the pictures and some comments about the whereabouts. :)

We departured from Katowice airport, where we spent a night waiting for the plane. We couldn't sleep so we went to a place where we could see planes. :)

Our plane was schedule to fly at 6:05am. At 6:20am we were inside the plane, only then ready to departure. But there was fog so we had to wait about half an hour. When finally we were ok to go, the captain found some "minor" problem and we had to go back. "we'll try to figure it out as soon as possible, and we'll be in our way in about 30 minutes" he said. 30 minutes......
After sooooo boring times, the plane departed 3 hours (!!!) later! "OMG WE MISSED 3 HOURS OF ROME!!!"

Finally 3 hours delayed we were there!
Weather in Katowice - foggy and a bit cold....
Weather in Rome - Clear sky and about 30º. :D

Our best friend in Rome.

Now that we are in Rome we have to go to the hostel. (We didn't make couchsurfing cuz we are so ugly people and nobody accepted us :( ). And we take the road walking.

Piazza della Republica and Fountain of the Naiads

First view of Colosseum

Just about half a km distance is the Victor Emmanuelle Monument. Amazing,giant and imponent. You can see it from all over the city. In at it's base it has 2 fountains...

One of the things you'll see a lot in Rome.... Vespas!!! If you don't be carefull you'll end up ran over by one while in rome. :D

Another great monument... the Pantheon (they were here in Angels and Deamons book/movie)!

Piazza Navona (The were also here in the book/movie)

More Vespas... scooters... whatever...

And our favourite place in Rome... I introduce you to Fontana di Trevi!

Really beautiful. You can stare at it for hours!

Well, just a romantic picture... :P

Piazza di Spagna another very famous spot in Rome.

And our first italian meal in Italy... Carbonara... Well, I can say that I prefer my mother's! :D But it was good!