domingo, 19 de julho de 2009


We went to the zoo yesterday. Here are some pictures of some animals we found there.

A bonus! I asure you it's worth it!!! eheheh At least to see me cursing! aahah

terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

Góra Rudzka - Łódź from the mountain

Today me and Katrina went to this place called Góra Rudzka. From there you can see the whole city cuz it is a mountain next to the city. And We had some fun :D


Just some pictures for you to see the city from up there. :)

Papa. Dobra noc!

quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009

Gdañsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Trójmiasto!

Dzien Dobry!
It's always great and one makes spontaneous decisions. That's what happened last weekend.
I was taking Katrina to her bus to her way home. She missed the bus and of course we came back home. Waiting for that bus an idea crossed Katrina's head... "Why don't we go to Gdañsk?" I said... "Why not! Let's go!" At this time it was 11:30am. Se we arrived home and started to prepare everything. Train timetables, and hostels.
Hostels were full, so we tried Couchsurfing! Guess what? In less then 5 minutes he had managed to find a place! We called the host, and even having already 8 guests sleeping on the floor he accepted us! WEEEEEEEE Let's go!
Just to share some more Polish Culture with you, You can't go to Gdañsk without going to Gdynia and Sopot, that's why they are called the tróimiasto (truimiasto in Portuguese/english which stands for Threecities).
At 3am he left in one of the longest and boring trips of my life! Even first class train cars were fully croweded! But... next day at 11 (2 hours later then expected) we arrived to Gdañsk.
This is were we were gonna stay... the biggest appartment building in Europe! About 860m, and about 1900 appartments! More people then in my hometown, Figueiró dos Vinhos! :D

The great view from the 10th floor!

Since we were couchsurfing, I couldn't let my CS t-shirt at home. :D

Again the bike trip! :D But acording to myself I should be headed to other way! :D eeheh

Our trip started with Gdynia and again with croweded trains.

This is the reason why so many people were there... some sort of sailing contest.

People enjoying Baltic Sea.

Of course I couldn't miss it! :)

But F****CK! It was freezing!!!!

Later on, lunch time. And for the first time since I'm in Poland I tried Bacalhau/Codfish/dorsh! :). It doesn't look like it, but it is indeed Bacalhau.

Sopot. The main attraction of this little village is this crooked house, made in tribut to a Swedish artist, Per Dahlberg, who lives now there in Sopot. The house is very famous and actually beautiful.

Crooked house, and crooked people! :D

Molo, which according to Sandor means dick in finish! :D

More full croweded trains, and next day we are in Gdañsk.

I always like pictures from "up there".

Funny one! Buying icecream one zloty fell on the floor! Right underneath me was this sweage grid. What's the chance of this to happen? :O

Ice cream...

This is the reason why the trains were full all the time! Open'er Festival! A music festival very famous in Poland. So everybody headed here. Some made about 15 hours by train to arrive!!! Well, we did about 8 and it was not to it!

After this only a few more hours back home. From 6:53pm till 1:30am.

It was really great.
Thank you Katrina. :)
Now we're just waiting for Barcelona, Lisboa, Porto, Figueira da Foz, Aveiro, and finally the 1st Ribeira de S. Pedro International Dinner!! :D Stay toon for news! :D eheheh

Kisses from Stop.