quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

This blog is still alive!

Just to remind you that I'm still alive and so does the blog... The other day somebody asked me how many pictures of me "riding a bike" I had... well, I decided to answer with a picture. :)

Still I have to thank Hugo Kariokinha Lima (three links :D) for the idea! And Hugo... You won. I couldn't do it in five countries. :) The best I could, 2 countries riding the white thing, and 2 just the idea! eheh

Soon, the report of "Trójmiasto" (three cities).

Bye bye, kisses to cousin.

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karioka disse...

HAHAH very nice

You´re still missing the Aveiro one, maybe you have the change to come back on this bet...
its a honour to have my name highlited in such popular blog!

Um abraço Para
(a hug Stop)