sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

If you wann have fun go to a Tram Party!

Finally the party I was waiting for! Everybody tells that Tram Parties are great so I was really looking for this. And may I say! It was the best party for me here in Lodz for sure! I know nobody likes text text text specially when it's "only" a party so I leave you with the pictures. :) Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed the night! :D

Sorry I can't put here the best videos cuz they can it would require viewer's discretion! And nobody has that!!! :P

A small interruption to say that I was "naked" for a reason. I'm not gonna tell you why. Maybe if the people who are the reason why I did this want to share that information you'll know. But for now, you'll only know that it was for a goooood reason!!!! :P

By the way, this was also Leo's last day in Poland before flying to Mexico! After the party we went to take him to the bus stop. Leo, as I told you already, Poland will miss you! See you! Best of luck!

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Was AWESOME !!! I want another one.. :(

jonaspaulo disse...

Aí tá ele sempre em grande, só festas e um gajo aqui em exames :P. Epá só te peço uma coisa, para a próxima mete menos Para naked e mais vídeos que requerem viewer's discretion sff :D