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After Warsaw, comes Krakow!

Hi! As promissed! The Krakow report!

The following takes place between March 6 and March 9! Events occur in real time!

So, after that train from Warsaw, to Krakow, this is what happens next.
I'm not gonna get into much details about the things you've already seen in the first Krakow experience!
So, here we are again, in the main square wainting for our host!

Until she finally comes and takes us home! That day no more pictures. Next day, started with some to the "surfed couch" and view from the balcony.

Finally, the Auschwitz Concentration Camp! One should not go to Krakow without going there!

The most touching part... inside the gas chambers!


Imagina having 10 seconds to do your necessities!

And imagine sleeping here!

How many trains full of people just about to die came through this gate...

There they were chosen... either to live, or to... well you know.

Enough with those sad feelings, and with those pictures. Let's get back to the happy part again! :)

This is the best soup in Poland! Zurek! :) And yes, you eat the bread!

This looked and tasted a whole lot better than it looks in this picture! :P

Lizzard King! Amazing place!

Kasia and Ania!

Dagmar having a good time! :D Dreaming about something i guess. eheh

Elec (or Elek i don't know. Sorry Kasia!)

Wawel again!

The night came with a portuguese meal... well, not so traditional, but given the low gifted cooks, that's what we could do.
The cooks cook, and the dogs watch. :D

We had a small problem, and Raphael had to use spear socks... and what a beautiful effect they gave him! :D

The final result!

Just to end this post...
Erasmus is:

Quality of life!


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