domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

My 24th happy happy birthday!

April 25 was my 24th anniversary (god I'm getting old). This post makes the photo-report of what happened. It was a party hosted by 4 people, but a lot more helped with everything. These 4 guys are the hosts. Nuno (April 25), Vanesa (April 24), Alfredo (April 27) and Cristina (April 22). Saturday was a good day to make the party that lasted till morning for some :)

Everybody took meat and beers, and some brought gifts! :D

It's a party so I actually I'm not explaining everything, so just check the pictures. :)
I don't have a lot of pictures, so It's not gonna be big. But be sure it was great.

About 30 liters of sangria? I'm not sure but more than 20 I think.

Me + Katrina = :)
Me + Katrina + Raphael = :S


Paula Paula... You're so crazy!

The sun glasses of the other one! They were ok! :D By the way, I felt good after this! Really great afternoon.

Already preparing for the night...

Somebody wants to hit somebody!

And very nice companies the whole night. :)

For the last picture, I'm just gonna put the best picture of the day, and one of the best pictures of my erasmus so far. It's a world! No, it's an Universe (joke not for all :P)

One more thing:
This was a birthday to never forget! When I say never is never! :) Some events will be in my memory forever!


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