quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009

Cool people met Lodz - Last Day (NIGHT!)

Ok, this is the report of the last night of the cool people!
This post contains shocking images of Nogueira... so if you're sensible don't look down! :D

Put down! Which is like who says "bota abaixo" eheh

Zé, what face is that? Were you enjoying? :D

Nogueira's Magic! Nogueira, Nogueira, Nogueira... You'll never be forgotten here in Poland! Please come back!!!!!!

José trying to have some attention as well... :D

Tuga guys... Cristo... let's not even talk about that. eheh

Inside of the bus!
I have a very nice video of this but some events prevent me from posting it!!! :( So here's a photo. Portuguese people singing "Rotunda! Rotunda! Rotunda!!" is priceless! :D

After arriving.. Again Nogueira... xD

More Nogueira

And Even more Nogueira! xD

More Nogueira...

Nogueira couldn't miss these pictures!

Ok, after the night... came the "kebab"...

No Nogueira! Sorry! Just me! xD

Brilliant night again.
And just to finishing my post....

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