terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2009

To those who think we don't work here!

I'm just gonna show a small example to those of you who think we don't do anything around here, and the highest marks come from bringing wine from Portugal to Professors (well, some students do that :D).
So this is a small project we had to do, I'm not gonna give you much details, but the name of this one was, Skin detection... and with that name you can figure the rest out.

Can you do it? xD

PS: Ricardo/Ciclista/Snails guy did the code, I did the report. :D

So, don't think this is easy! ERASMUS LIFE IS HAAARD!

5 comentários:

alf disse...

Really!, is too hard!!! Too many SMS to answer, too many mails, too many girls to meet, too many of everything!

Nuno Gonçalves disse...

Alfredo! Don't you say that!!!!! They don't need to know! We have to much work to do and that's it!!!

jmsu disse...

Nice ass... but about being hard... says the guy who didn't coded and just made the report, lol :P

karioka disse...

1 - Eu nunca ofereci nada a ninguem, quanto mais a um prof

2 - Se quiseres ponho-te a lamber esse cu sem precisar de fazer código nenhum


Ricardo / disse...

Parachuter, some things are better left unsaid.

PS-as notas já foram lançadas, mas nunca se sabe :D