domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Couchsurfing - Grande Reportagem

Este ano marcou-me... e uma das coisas que mais me marcou foi ter começado a minha aventura couchsurfing. Aqui fica a reportagem para ficarem a saber mais. :)

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Perico disse...
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Perico disse...

I see and also know you enjoyed a lot in POland and your life there was so good.
I've been checking your blog and it's really amazing.

You've to miss a lot Katrina, but as you told me you'll back POland soon.
Continue enyoing with everything and everyone, it's the best way to be happy and you got it !!!

Kisses to Katrina and I hope to see you not so late.
We are in touch.

Your friend, Perico ;)

Isabel Pinho disse...

Nuno!!! Actualiza o teu blog!!!!! Não o deixes morrer paaaa!!!