quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009

Prague... The city of Mcdonalds and Porsches

Hi Everybody! That's me again! :) This time to show you the report of the trip to Prague. eheh

So, in the begining of December we decided to go to Prague. Well, it would have to be in the begining of January because I would go with Franch guys and they would go away in the middle of this month, and i only came back from Portugal on the 7th. So we decidided:
- Ok, Nuno arrives on January 7, so let's go that day at night. Since the trip is about 14 hours, we go at night and arrive in the morning.
- Good, let's go.

After booking hostel, I found out that I only would arrive at Łódź only at 21:20, and the last train would be at 22:20! WOW! This would be quite funny because if the plane would arrived late I would not gonna be able to go.

So before going to Portugal I packed everything to prepare to my "arrival and departure in less than 10 minutes".

Now, I have to say good things about Franch guys. :D On the very last day they decided to go check the tickets and they found out that we would have bus trips cheaper and for almost half the time, AND the bus would depart later. So I had all the time to put my things together, but of course, even that way, I forgot some shirts, and for 4 days i took 7 Jeans! (ok, if this was a girl would be normal but....

Ok, enough of stories, let's start with the pictures. :D

Our hostel, Chilli Hostel
Some of the first sights:

Dancing building

Old town
Main square in Prague

Yves, what's that? It's the middle of the day!! Shame on you!!

As we were tired, pauses like these were common eheh

Great weather! :D

And some night pictures:

The Petrin Tower jufroswefrjekfhurefdslkfjlkjhuifheruifhehf

Saint Vitus Cathedral

The gard look a hell of a lot better than me! :D

Eye sights!

And now, up up up till the Petrin Tower. :)

And there we were.

It's a pitty, the foggy weather... other than that... amazing!

One more rest stop :D

One more day:

This reminds me Chriss F*cking Angel in that moment, walking on water! :D

Ok, this time I was walking alone and this was the only bicicle i found! What should i do? DAMN! This would have to count! 3 countries... 2 to go! (or at least i wish... :D)

As everybody knows, Czech Republic has the Presidency of the European Union. This signals that:

A boat ride (it's getting normal in these kind of trips):

My favourite picture of this trip:

Preparing to the night :)

Karlovy Lazne! If you ever go to Prague don't start hereas a night adventure. I was expecting so much more of this five floor night club... It's was just normal... and normal in Prague... sucks!

But we had great fun though! :D

The next day, and shame on me, i stayed all day in the hostel, because of the f*cking hangover! But, it's ok, i think i've seen the best of Prague. :D
Next stop? Who the hell knows!!! :D

See you guys!

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S. disse...

Bem a viagem apesar de pequena ...tiraste imensas fotos. O post está elucidativo :) Praga é muito bonita. Faz me lembrar alguns episódios da Alias!
Vou marcar na minha agenda fazer uma paragem por lá quando me sair o euromilhões!!! hehe


jonas disse...

Post memoravel, continua as tuas trips eheh xD, o pessoal ta ca para ver os reports. i whis i was there ehe