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Outrageous Stockholm.

Hi everyone! This is a full report (well, not full, somethings are never meant to be spread around :D) from our trip. Awareness is adviced because this post is too long and contains some videos too. They are in portuguese, so sorry for those who don't understand them.
Just a small remark, linked words are in purple.

About a month ago, we found out that Mr. Ryan was giving away flights from Łódź to Stockoholm at only 1 złoty! So we decided... why not buy? Let's buy!

And then, about one moth later here we go. Destination? Stockholm, Sweden! You don't know where it is? No problem, here's a map! eheheh (or just like spanish guys do, jejeje)

We departed from Łódź airport, which let me tell you guys that is smaller than a train station, so whenever you come to Łódź don't get scared with that! :D

Mr. Ryanair take good care of us...

One hour and a half later, we are in Swedish territory completely enthusiastic (yeah, we don't go out a lot xD) and ready for another hour and a half trip, this time by bus. Let me mention that this trip was even funnier, without all that crap the plane has 4 exits, and in case of emergency unfasten your seat belts, and just scream to death, because some guys took a life-saver vest from the plain (don't worry, Mr. Ryan is wealthy) and decided to blow it on the fucking bus! Nobody was looking at us! Nobody! The thought of getting kicked off the bus never crossed our minds! Never! But we all had a great time, singing loud and loughing even louder! :D

With all this fun, one and a half hour seemed more like 10 minutes and we are on Stockholm's central station which allowed us (me and Nini) to get lost in there one of the days... I would say it's 3 ou 4 times bigger than our little airport. :D

Two hours after first step in Sweden, we arrived at our hostel. There's a funny story about me stepping on ice, that i think it's better to stay unrevealed in my chest. Let's just say that i got lucky enough not to fell in there with all my belongings. :D

We decided to go out to check the small town around the hostel which is 15 minutes from city center.
We found right away a little friend there... only carrot was missing. :D

Five points for the guy who can tell the name of this street at first without gaggling. :D

In the morning we took some pictures to the hostel, with snow!

And we got back to the city, again through the amazing Central Station.

First steps during daylight... World Trade Center in Stockholm? That's right!

One of the great things about Stockholm, the public transportation works very well, and there aren't that many cars and confusions on the streets as for example in messy Lisboa. In these next photos, it was aroun 9a.m. Imagine that in Lisboa. xD

Karioka, about that proposal, i'm not promessing, but only 3 to go! :D This time i couldn't ride the bike because it was wet, but it counts!!! xD

I think this point marks the center of the city, it's called Kulturhset. And of course i had to do that leg thing... :D

The Christmas season officially started only on our last day, but there were already some pretty good X-mas lights.

9a.m. and there are already children ice skating... My god! Go home and watch Dragon Ball like i used to do long ago when i was your age! ^_^ This was really great to see.

Some more places buildings around us...

No!!! That way!!!!

The Royal Castle situated in the old town which is also a small island, called Gamla Stan with beautiful narrow streets, and buildings and great colors.

Some views from the small Island.

Until we took our first trip... a 15 minute boat trip to another island....

Already on the other side...

This next building we think it's some sort of place to do shows, and since it's called Circus, we might think that something similar happens there. :D

More christmas lights...

The next place is outdoor museum called Skansen, for me, one of the best places we've been on..

Long long escalators!

And after those long scalators... we found ourselves in a high spot with this amazing landscape!!!

First seen animal... a peacock!

And others were seen too.

Next stop was one of the most well known museums in Stockholm, The Vasa Museum which is a very famous ship in there. Some Swedish guy told us that it was made in order to compete with Portuguese and Spanish fleet, but it eventually sank only after 2km of it's first trip. :D

And with this it's already night. Some more walking steps through the city lights...

Second day started with a beautiful sky.

And first place to visit was the Kaknästornet, the 155 meter tower where all tv radio and tv trasmissions are made.

Amazing landscape for all the city. Blew up our minds.

We went to this sports museum, called Riksidrott Museum.

Tôni, a special one for you... the ping pong guru

This one is dedicated to all my swimming mates, and the second one is a picture of the Stockholm Olympic Stadium in 1912.

Some more nice places to see...

The Biologic museum...

The Aquearia Museum... don't need to explain...

Where's Waldo?

And some night pictures...

View from the Katarinahissen Lift

And one of the most amazing things there... well everything there is amazing, The Globen Arena.

And just a small private joke to banid0, my friend. :D

And, this second night we met the girls, and with empty stomach, and zubrowka the result isn't that good... but don't worry, only good pictures here... : D

Well, we didn't sleep in our hostel this day, so my camera ran out of battery so i only have a few pictures of the great 3 hour boat (ship?) trip with the French guys, and later on, some dutch (Nedish? aahah) girls.

Note: The Cheese was awsome!!! :D

Some more pictures of the city...

Haven't we already been here? xD

And finally saying goodbye to Stockholm, and the station, and waiting for the bus. :(

And, the las picture... amazing sun set from the sky, Mr. Ryanair, you owe me 100 pounds for all this advertisment. :D
Alinhar ao centro

Not to finish without a final remark.... I want to go back there, and who knows, even contribute a little bit working there. :)
For those who never been there, try it. For those who want to go, GO. For those who already went there.... well if you have money like Mr. Ryan... GO AGAIN! :D

Stockholm forever!
Stockholm forever!
Stockholm forever!
Stockholm forever!
Stockholm forever!

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karioka disse...

that doesn´t count!

5 - 1

kocas disse...

Just one word (in Portuguese): BRUTAL!!! :D

...and I wait for you in Pavia - Italy on February! :p

Vetras disse...

Bom post!! Estou a ver que a viagem foi altamente :)
A ultima foto está um espectáculo.

E concordo com o karioka :D
Aquela nao conta... mas se tivesses tirado com o chao molhado valia por 10 :D eheh


TW_s disse...

Engraçado que na suécia faz mais frio de dia que de noite...

jmsu disse...

Ai que inveja... também quero ir!

Ricardo / disse...

ok, first of all, the bad things...

Parachuter... Do NOT EVER try a job in the real estate business... Really... When you describe a house I just want to kill myself... OMG...

(...and the bike thing doesn't count for me either...)

Other than that... Great post, great photos... Even if i don't agree that you take advantage of the "wealthiness" (???) of Mr. Ryanair by stealing life jackets, I must admit that the idea itself was funny :D

I'm sure I could keep on writing about this nice post but I have things to do :D I just want to thank you for the "small remark" and, of course, for sharing the "zen" moment with us (Gautama Buddha is proud of you :D)

And to avoid the "bonito e arejado" routine... I will make my exit with:

"This post was legen..."

Ricardo / disse...

"...wait for it..."

Ricardo / disse...

"...dary!!! Legendary!!!"

Desgraça disse...

Mt fixe se arranjares ai um quarto eu vou ai ter .......... ou não :D

neca disse...

Ganda Post!

curti o aviao vaizo para estocolmo!

;) abraço!

Kiky disse...

eheheheh what an amazing reportage!! i already went 5 times there but i would come back.. maybe in the spring or summer :)
i've read in ur comment about "kocas" who he's waiting for u in Pavia on february... PAVIA is my town!! i study there.. :D

Teressa disse...

mas COMO!!! é que ninguém comentou a foto do canhão!! impossível!! hahahah
Que reportagem absolutamente demais!! Se já tinha curiosidade em visitar um dos países da Escandinávia agora é que estou de todo conquistada!!
Ah e para ajudar à festa claro que a foto da Bicicleta não conta! Mas sei que existe um post algures onde isso já está resolvido ;)