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Krakow! - The Story!

Ok, here we go... first trip since i'm in Łódź! And my overall coment is:


The trip started with us being late, therefor losing our first train... "Ok, no worries, because we have another in one hour... let's eat!"

One hour later and we are in the train:

With so much time and nothing really important to do...

This second photo is not even worth a comment. :D

The best thing is that when we arrived to Warsaw the last train of the day to Krakow had alread left!!
After speaking so much to polish people who don't speak english, we managed to find a way... "Let's go to Katowice and then finally to Krakow! Let's!"
"That or wait here in Warsow until 5am!!"

Ok, when you are in a 3 hour train trip, and you start to be hungry, what's the best thing to do? Take out all your pans, bread, canned tuna, sausages and bols and eat! :D

No knife? Not to worry! The tip of the can will work just fine! :D

And so we arrived to Katowice:

The sun here was amazing!!! ehehe

One hour later, we were on the third and last train, the one to Krakow. This was the worst train i've been on. It was very old, and the smell was awfull! And to help, it was already full, so we had to go as the pictures bellow show:

But... in the end it all went ok, and since we survided we still had some smiles to show (well, not everybody, but almost all of us).

Here's a small image with the summary trip:

If it wan't for the missed train, we would do only 2 trips.

Ok, finally 4 hours delayed, we are at our Hostel... Seventh Heaven...
Virgins? Not gonna tell :P

The first day, was mostly spent on knowing the city center, and trying to find some information about how to go to Mines of Salt.
This is a picture that i took in a bar, with a shot from the city center taken from the sky.

And now, some clowny figures that we made along with some buildings. Since the post is already to long, i'm not going to explain (and of course i don't know them all too) nor talk about them. Just some Wiki links.

Right in the middle of Main Market Square

Everybody was willing to smash their faces on the floor! :D

Witch one is better? :D

Portuguese flags!!!! WEEEEE

St. Mary's Basilica



Ok, the next photo was made with love and affect to somebody, who i bet is now crying like a baby missing last year's trips! :D
By the way, this is the post that you should see to understand this "joke attempt".
(Kariokinha, you owe me a beer for that kind of publicity :P)

Some pictures around Wawel

Me and the girls xD

Now, this was a funny story..
"Sandor, ask the guy how much is to ride the coach, and for how long." (Sandor speaks Polish xD)
Sandor - "He says 100 zlotys"
Nuno and the rest - "nheeee... no.. let's go home."
The coach man then asks for 80... and we continue to say no, until Sandor says, "50, now or never!"
The result... the pictures bellow, and an Alex guy drunk alike! :D

If you want you can see the video with better quality... just choose the option watch in good quality

Some monuments seen from the coach :P eheh

And that was pretty much it from the first day.

The second day, (and unfortunately the last one started with the trip to the Mines of Salt of Wieliczka (wiki link), just me and Nini. The others stayed at home sleeping! xD

We had to go until the 54th floor underneath the surface. 7 steps each, 378 total!
By the way, if you ever go to these mines, just try to find in 48th or 50th floor something like "Para was here" or "Para, Portugal 2008" written in the wall :D

Inside already we saw so many things, mainly composed by salt, and a lot of mockup just showing how miners used to work here. I must say that the mechanical systems they used in here here pretty good. It was really unbelievable to see all of this.

Finally outside again, some photo shoots! :D

Building on top of the mines

My favorite picture of the day :)

And it was all for the day... just a few pictures before departure, righ in front of Krakow's Galeria.

The whole group:

And at last in the come back train. Just to make a small comparison, the first trip costed us 70 zlotys and took us 11 hours to arrive. And the comeback trip costed us 30 Zlotys, and 5 hours... Similar right? :D

I may have the glasses, but i was sleeping.

The End!!!

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Nini disse...

És maluko!!!! a mama vai ver ..... tabaco....lool....tou "f.d.da"...lool...mas também tou longe...não fico de castigo.... ;)

jmsu disse...

á, best post eva! Deves ter levado a peito a boca dos posts só por postar, esmeraste-te, fotos nices duma viagem que deve ter sido nice e como sempre lá tiveste que fazer uma maluqueira tipo deitar-te no chão... ganda tone!
Mas vá, o que vale é que com os óculos de sol e a fazer peito e tal ficas com um look estiloso e o pessoal não te confunde com um sem abrigo a quem roubaram uma bicicleta.

Kiky disse...

simply amazing trip-story and very good pics! i love it!! brilliant! :)

karioka disse...

laying down in the middle of a street pretending to ride a bike... pathetic!

where have i seen something similar?!

for what its worth... lousy post, everyone already knows krakow and the salt mines... we wanna see some dreamy tambourines, shelves and good locks

tiX disse...

Parece que foi mesmo boa a vossa trip! Tive pena de não poder ir mas fiquei com muita vontade de visitar Cracóvia :) Boas fotos que tens aí! hehe

Ricardo / disse...

Ora bem... os meus comentários...

1-Oh paraquedista, já vi pessoal a fazer essa viagem mais directa... pra que é que foram a varsóvia pra ir pra krakow?
Ver: (perto do final do post)

2-Oh PARAQUEDISTA, então tu vais a Katowice e não metes vais à verdadeira?

3-Aposto que não pagaram a foto que tens da "igreja" dentro das minas de sal :D hahaha (<-esta é pro público em geral)

4-Krakow é bonita e arejada... como também, verdade seja dita, é este post... :D (<-esta também é pro público em geral)

5-Oh paraquedista, vais a krakow e não vais a auschwitz que é já ali?

6-Para, a cena da bicicleta... PRICELESS :D este indivíduo andou muito atento ao nosso blog, lembra-se de cada detalhe :D (até de fazer um mapazinho em paint com o percurso, como determinados indivíduos já tinham feito :P)

7 (e última, se fosse a achincalhar sobre isto, enchia o servidor do blogspot só com um comment e isso não pode ser) - Oh paraquedista, que imagem é essa pa?

(I didn't write in English and when i noticed that it was too late... i don't feel like translating all of this... anyway... the important thing... PARAQUEDISTA means PARACHUTER)

karioka disse...

Following Ricardo´s comment, so that there aren´t any sorts of doubts while translating:

dreamy tambourines = Pandeiretas de sonho
shelves = prateleiras
good locks = boas trancas

Parachuter i dare you to do the "bike thing" in 5 different countries


Cláudio Emanuel disse...

isto é assim cara?$%, em berlim é para ser parecido. pelo menos a berlim vamos.

KRAK é brutal... n foste a oswiec?

Nuno Gonçalves disse...

Não não fomos a auschwitz porque não houve tempo. A ideia é voltar a Krakow mais tarde, e ir então a Ausch..